Our Services

Through a combination of credit consulting, credit restoration, inquiry removal, and tradelines, we help you secure the funding you require. Be it for business or personal credit; we help shape your credit score for your present and future. We are customer-centric, and we opt for appropriate channels of correspondence, handling every matter explicitly, leaving you with peace of mind.

Providing tailored and unique credit report advice, we review each element diligently and help you navigate the process of credit repair. Our experts understand that your dreams rely on credit score improvement, thus, they buy trade lines and remove inquiries to enhance your credit report. By pulling yourself further away from bad credit, you can push yourself closer to you and your family’s dream with Kings Management & Consulting. Be it improving your FICO or Vantage score, we have all grounds covered.

Services We Provide

Credit Consulting

We review each element and help you navigate through negative items, be it charge-offs, bankruptcies or tax liens. Helping you improve your score, we remove all negatives from your credit report.

Credit Restoration

We focus on reviewing your credit reports meticulously, picking out any negative items. By filtering out outdated information, we take steps for disputing each inaccurate element.

Inquiry Removal

We help you in removing hard and soft inquires. Inquires hinder your process of securing your required finances. By removing these, we create a seamless process for you.


Buying tradelines can add positive information to your credit report. Through tradelines, you can leverage a lower interest rate for your mortgage and get your loan approved faster, with better funding.